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 Hi Friends! l hope  to share  the delicious journey of watching this "store" unfold. I put store in quotations because what it really is is an avenue to allow the manifestation of utter gratitude rise up from the center of the Earth, through my soul and out my finger tips. A beautiful thing to finally get to express the  connection to all that is, the connection that saved me.   I certainly feel as though that is what we are doing. 

        Earth and Herbs started ironically through  Years of self destructive behavior that led to a deep knowing there's so much more.  To  Hear the faint whisper of that still small voice  that said you are meant for so much more, and not listen to it, gave me the gift of desperation. To finally connect and stay  connected to the harmonious force that was waiting  for me and gave the strength to  turn this life into something beautiful.


       What feels like an over  night transformation into who i only dreamt of being is surreal to say the least.  The truth is, the work it took to change has led to this beautiful adventure. I hope so much to share the gift of energy healing with you all. A sacred place where we call our inner most being forth with intention to heal, release, be free'r than when we came in. 

    Sooooooo! In the entries to come we will be sharing about extracting the energy and healing properties of herbs, Using stones : The bones of Mother  earth, Brewing Healing Teas, How to use Energy Empowering  essential Oils, regenerating baths and bath salts.......Oh the possibilities are endless! The  workshops are ranging from Full moon ceremonies  to open the  Chakras and balance  energy, to customizing  your  very own Selenite wand: A crystalized form of gypsum for good luck and protection used for clearing the aura of negative energy.  We are incorporating and Using tools from mama Earth as well  Earth and Herbs inventory! These workshops will be full impact and transforming! 

...Angie Garrotto 




This pillow is designed to encourage relaxation and sooth restless sleep 

1 Table spoon violets

1 table spoon spearmint

2 table spoons lavendar

small bowl

1 (8x4 -inch) rectangle of cloth (your choice of color)

Thread to match



Iron (optional)

Cotton batting (about the size of your fist or 2 (4x4 inch) squares) 

Ribbon (optional for length see previous paragraph)

1 blend the herbs in the bowl with your fingertios

2 fold the rectangle of the cloth onto itself so that you have a square of double material. If you are using a fabric with a design make sure the design is on the inside. Put the 2 halfs together .

3. Using a running stitch, sew along two of the three sides of the fabric square, leaving one side open. 

4. Fold approximately 1/4 inch of the raw edge of the open side down on what is currently the outside of the pouch. Finger press the edge so that it stays creased, or use the iron. Turn the fabric pouch right side out, so that the seems are to the inside. (The raw edge of the pressed side should be inside the pouch.)

5. Tease out your cotton and fold the edges inward so that the herbs are rolled inside the cotton. If the cotton batting is flat, lay one of the squares down, poor the herbs in the middle, lay the second square on top, and secure all four sides with a running stitch.

6. Tuck the herbs in the4 cotton batting inside the fabric pouch. Pin the open side closed. If you are adding a ribbon hanger, fold your piece of ribbon and insert the ends into the open side of the pouch and pin them into place. Sew the pillow closed with a running stitch, sewing the ribbon into place as you go.

7. Tuck your new dream pillow under you bed pillow or place next to your pillow before you sleep. 

You can increase the size of this pillow. The larger you make it however the more cotton batting you'll need to protect the herbs inside. You may use as many or as few herbs as you like. 

Here are some suggested blends for dream pillows:

For peace use lavender, poppy and gardenia.

For harmony use chamomile, violet and calendula.

For Happiness use honeysuckle and sunflower.

For love use rose, jasmine and gardenia.

For health use eucalyptus, nutmeg and carnation.

For prosperity use cinnamon, orange and basil.

For protection use geranium, sage and clove.


Compliments of "The Green Witch" Author: Arin Murphy - Hiscock

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