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 This is the beginning of a three-part workshop!  Because of the nature of this course, it is suggested to prepare for a spiritual detox by  Reducing or eliminating caffeine/alcohol, smoking, and begin to practice dietary consciousness by not eating highly sugared foods, eating more plant-based and organic. This can be a temporary preparation for the classes. We are not forcing a lifestyle change. Increase water intake and fruits and vegetables.

       The best way to fully experience reiki is to receive a healing treatment. To immerse in the intentional use of life force energy, prana, chi, can be a most wonderful and profound experience. Studies have shown practitioners' and clients' heartbeat syncs as one. The practitioner channels reiki to elevate the body and spirit to its highest level of healing. 
  • We are offering 2 dates to accommodate schedules and keep class size to a maximum of 5 people -

Kind Regards,

Earth and Herbs Arizona
Angie Garrotto
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