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Angela Garrotto is owner, Reiki master and yoga instructor at Earth and Herbs Arizona. Walking into Earth and Herbs "Where body meets the Spirit," is reminiscent of an energy healing spa. The aromatherapy, music and warm vibes are what makes this retail outfit so special. Angie's aspiration for the store is to inspire wellness. By creating this safe space, clients are empowered to return to their true source: the light and innate wisdom residing in all of us.

A quirky tidbit about Angie is her deep desire to be outdoors among nature and adventure, yet the draw of being a sharp and intuitive business women is a constant balance she faces. Her greatest pride has been immersing herself in the art of healing.

Angie knows she was divinely placed in the position of owning the store, yet understands her active role in the creation. She is currently working to be a practitioner in Emotion Code, a healing modality where trapped emotions are released from the body.